Who are we?

The Absinthe Spoon is part of RUEVERTE, a UK-based company operating in the field of absinthe, rare and ancient spirits, and vintage wine. We have offices in the UK, France and Germany, and are proud co-owners of the historic Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot in Pontarlier, one of only two French absinthe distilleries surviving from the pre-ban era. We are proprietors of the Virtual Absinthe Museum, the centre for historical research on absinthe, and also operate Fee Verte, the oldest, biggest and busiest absinthe forum, Absinthe Originals which sells authentic Belle Epoque era absinthe antiques, selling the widest range of Absinthes and Accessories, Absinthe Classics which sells a select range of the finest absinthes, and Finest & Rarest which deals in rare and ancient spirits, some dating back as far as the late 18th century.

With 10 years of experience, RUEVERTE is the most respected and the most trusted name in absinthe today.