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Fountain Antique II - 4 taps

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This absinthe fountain is a replica or reproduction of an antique absinthe fountain. With four taps or spigots it is perfect for inviting friends over to share a glass of absinthe, served in a fashion of the utmost authenticity.

Original antique absinthe fountains of this kind can start at a price around 2000 euros!

The fountain unscrews for cleaning and storage.

How to use your absinthe fountain:

• First pour cool, fresh water into the reservoir. Then add large amounts of ice-cubes, or a block of ice. It is important to always add the water before the ice.
• Leave the fountain to cool down for a while.
• Pour a measure of absinthe into your favourite absinthe glass, and place it under a tap. Slowly turn the spigot until you get the right flow of water, something between a drip and a steady stream of water.
• Watch the louche of your absinthe develop as never before with a carafe. Enjoy!
• When you're finished with the fountain for the occasion, drain the fountain and leave it to overnight with the taps open to dry out.

Absinthe fountain tips:

• Before use, clean the fountain with warm water and domestic washing-up liquid, and rinse well. Be careful not to expose the fountain to sudden changes in water temperature.
• Never wash a cold fountain with warm water immediately after use, the glass reservoir could fracture because of the sudden temperature change.

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