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Fountain Antique mini - 2 taps

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This absinthe fountain is a replica or reproduction of an antique absinthe fountain. Invite your friends over to share a glass of absinthe, served in a fashion of the utmost authenticity.

Original antique absinthe fountains are eye-wateringly expensive, whereas this reproduction will water your absinthe!

This version has two taps.

The fountain unscrews for cleaning and storage.

How to use your absinthe fountain:

• First pour cool, fresh water into the reservoir. Then add large amounts of ice-cubes, or a block of ice. It is important to always add the water before the ice.
• Leave the fountain to cool down for a while.
• Pour a measure of absinthe into your favourite absinthe glass, and place it under a tap. Slowly turn the spigot until you get the right flow of water, something between a drip and a steady stream of water.
• Watch the louche of your absinthe develop as never before with a carafe. Enjoy!
• When you're finished with the fountain for the occasion, drain the fountain and leave it to overnight with the taps open to dry out.

Absinthe fountain tips:

• Before use, clean the fountain with warm water and domestic washing-up liquid, and rinse well. Be careful not to expose the fountain to sudden changes in water temperature.
• Never wash a cold fountain with warm water immediately after use, the glass reservoir could fracture because of the sudden temperature change.

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By Vanessa the 01/12/2015absinthe rating

Hello Inger, all of your decorations and your home looks so cosy and _a href=""_beifuautl_/a_. Did I spot a small hummel girl? I wish you a wonderful christmas and a peaceful healthy happy 2010 my friend love and hugs June xxx

By Audrey the 30/11/2015absinthe rating

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By Miley the 30/11/2015absinthe rating

Thank you for everything you have done for us this year - you are a star.Although I hanvet had much chance to blog and go blog hopping this year, I hope to visit you more often in 2010.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

By Nurlaely the 21/10/2015absinthe rating

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By Pablo the 21/10/2015absinthe rating

- Candi So flipping AWESOME. What an_a href=""_ aueblotlsy_/a_ adorable and fun looking wedding. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. I love the different bridesmaids dresses and how cute do the groomsmen look. Whoever came up with all of those great ideas, YOU ROCK. If this was all the brides vision and she does not do this as a career, she should!

By Jonathan the 21/10/2015absinthe rating

Miriam - Hi! I enjoy Jayden's Godly music with the band. Now I'm enjoying you (Jayden + Caroline), your photo art and a fresh view at life_a href=""_ trhuogh_/a_ your lens. I'm blessed!

By Baqiatus the 19/10/2015absinthe rating

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By Rakesh the 19/10/2015absinthe rating

Hi sweet friend...yikes!! That_a href=""_ suonds_/a_ like on huge leak!! So glad you got it fixed!! Love this adorable card...such fun colors!! Always fun stopping by to see what delightful creations you've come up with! Hugs! Pat

By Kahled the 19/10/2015absinthe rating

Hi sweet friend...yikes!! That_a href=""_ sunods_/a_ like on huge leak!! So glad you got it fixed!! Love this adorable card...such fun colors!! Always fun stopping by to see what delightful creations you've come up with! Hugs! Pat

By Ismail the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

Such a beautiful card.. Love the brihgt cheerful colors..Lovely details.. Glad you got your water fix back up..So did they take money off your bill, where it was a leak??? They should have..Hugs, Linda

By Fabien the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

Such a beautiful card.. Love the brhgit cheerful colors..Lovely details.. Glad you got your water fix back up..So did they take money off your bill, where it was a leak??? They should have..Hugs, Linda

By Nurul the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

Oh dear Pops .. .. that is what you call "a bill". I hope they aren't expecting you to pay all that!! I would have to take out a senocd mortgage!!All of that happening and yet you still produce a super gorgeous creation. Love it!!!Hope today is a better day for you.Love Jules xx

By Luiz the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

Oh Pops this is gorgeous, I love that image and your beuftiual colouring. Sorry to hear about the burst pipe, its a shame you werent aware of it before the bill rose so high, its surprising you didnt have a problem with your pressure.I sincerely hope they dont charge you for it all. with hugs Shirleyxx

By Bar Ampere the 11/06/2013absinthe rating

Works perfectly looks beautiful arrived safe and sound

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