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Canvas poster - Absinthe Rosinette

  • Canvas poster - Absinthe Rosinette details:
  • Dimensions: 39 x 51 cm
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This beautiful large-format poster for "Rosinette, Absinthe Rose Oxygénée", printed by Camis around 1900, is the only know historical reference to a pink Absinthe. The unique original is in the Oxygenee Collection.

Our posters are based on ultra high res professional scans, and printed in France using state-of-the-art Giclee technology, on heavy Jetex 300g (10.6oz) canvas, which has outstanding fade-resistant and anti-curling properties (allowing the poster to rapidly resume its natural flat form once you've removed it from the shipping tube.).

Opposite is a close-up picture showing the texture of the Jetex canvas.

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