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Long Canvas poster - L'Absinthe C'est La Mort by Monod

  • Long Canvas poster - L'Absinthe C'est La Mort by Monod details:
  • Dimensions: 39 x 128 cm
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Anti-absinthe posters were produced both by temperance organisations like the Ligue Nationale Contre L'Alcoolisme (or the Croix Bleue as it was known), and by manufacturers of rival aperitifs like Kolamarque, Byrrh and St Raphael. This particularly gruesome but graphically striking horizontal-format poster was designed by F. Monod and printed in 1905. "Absinthe c'est la mort" - "Absinthe Is Death" it proclaims, but it's the eye-popping skull that was most likely to alarm the viewer!

Our posters are based on ultra high res professional scans, and printed in France using state-of-the-art Giclee technology, on heavy Jetex 300g (10.6oz) canvas, which has outstanding fade-resistant and anti-curling properties (allowing the poster to rapidly resume its natural flat form once you've removed it from the shipping tube.).

Opposite is a close-up picture showing the texture of the Jetex canvas.

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