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Frénay Feuille - Sterling Silver Spoon

275.00 €

  • Spoon details:
  • Metal: 0.925 Sterling silver with germanium alloy
  • Dimensions: 169mm x 40mm
  • Weight: Approx 42.5g (or 27.3 dwt)
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The ultimate absinthe spoon: a new sterling silver replica of the legendary Frénay Feuille spoon from Kirk Burkett.

The extraordinary leaf-design Feuille spoon made by the Parisian silversmiths Armand Frénay was recognized almost from the outset as the most beautiful of all absinthe spoons. Today, surviving originals are not just rare, but essentially unobtainable - less than a handful survive, and only one has come on the market in the last decade. A few replicas have been made in recent years, but without exception they are merely rough approximations of the originals, crudely copied from catalogue illustrations.

Frenay Feuille Absinthe SpoonFrenay Feuille Absinthe SpoonFrenay Feuille Absinthe Spoon
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We've been working over the last year with Kirk to create something at an altogether higher level: a PERFECT replica, faithful to every detail and nuance of the original, crafted in solid silver. It's based on a die cast from the original in the Virtual Museum, and then painstakingly individually finished by hand, a process that takes more than three hours for each spoon. After much trial and error, we found that regular sterling silver didn't allow us to create the precise surface texture we wanted on the handle, so we used a rarer and more expensive sterling silver alloy containing a minute quantity of germanium, which not only allowed us to create the handle precisely as desired, but also provides unusual resistance to tarnishing.

Great care has been taken with the weighting and balance of this spoon. It sits beautifully on the glass, and will fit any standard Pontarlier, Cordon or reservoir model. Our aim was to make the perfect absinthe spoon both functionally and aesthetically, and I think we've succeeded.

This spoon is a work of craftmanship on the highest level. Each spoon is individually signed by Kirk Burkett, and only 300 will be made,
after which the die will be destroyed. The price includes worldwide shipping by insured air parcel. Limited edition of 300 pieces, each marked by the artist.

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By Fine Art sculptor Ian V Curtis the 08/07/2013absinthe rating

I had the pleasure of buying one of these functional pieces of art a few years ago..... As an occasional drinking of absinthe this spoon is perfection.

As a sculptor I can appreciate the work involved in making this look totally organic..I spoke to Kirk after I received mine to congratulate him on a true work of art!!

Buy one to use or even just to look at and feel.
Highly recommended

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