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Glass Dripper

  • Dripper details:
  • Material: Glass
  • Diameter at top: 9 cm
  • Diameter at base: 6,5 cm
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An alternative to the classic absinthe spoon with holes in was the absinthe brouilleur, literally 'mixer', and now sometimes called a dripper. This satisfyingly simple piece of equipment allows water to flow gently into the awaiting absinthe. Sugar and ice cubes or cracked ice can be added directly to the brouille if desired, and then water poured on top.

This style of absinthe dripper was more common in Spain, in the 1920s. Absinthe had been banned in most of the world, but Pernod, the most famous distillery, continued making absinthe over the border from France in Tarragona, Catalonia (if you are interested in trying absinthe from that time, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction).

Ernest Hemingway used a brouilleur to prepare his absinthe, when he was in Spain. It is mentioned in his works The Sun Also Rises, The Strange Country and The Garden of Eden.

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