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Pontarlier II Glass


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  • Glass details:
  • Height: 16 cm
  • Capacity: 30 cl
  • Reservoir: 2 cl
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The Pontarlier II glass is a molded copy of an original in the Auvers sur Oise Absinthe Museum, run by Marie-Claude Delahaye, renowned absinthe historian, in the town where the artists Pissaro, Corot, Daubigny, Cézanne and of course Van Gogh did some of their most famous paintings. The latter, Van Gogh, ended his life in Auvers sur Oise.

This glass is named after the town of Pontarlier which was the world centre of absinthe production, and this type of glass was common in the area.

It famously featured in this piece of advertising for Pernod Fils:

We have a superior, hand blown version of the Pontarlier glass available as well.

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By Enzo the 03/05/2014absinthe rating

Ella, I love Adele. I also like Train and Jason Mraz and the Black Eyed Peas. I don't know how to categorize mlesyf. LOL As far as reading, I have so many things on my Kindle that I hope to read. I write poetry instead. Sigh. I always enjoy the diversity I find in your blog.

By Fernando the 03/05/2014absinthe rating

I found some pop-rocks not long ago too and popped them in my mouth. Ohhh, rllaey; did I actually like those at some point?Did you want the underdog movie a few years ago? I thought I'd hate it, but it had some substance under the puns.I've seen the book Among Others somewhere else too; I think I need to read it. Sounds good.Nice to meet you Ella. I linked from Johanna Garths mushrooms and Opera post. I copied and clicked on your cello rock link (I love the cello, almost better than a base guitar) and that was pretty cool. Not Apocalyptica quality, but heh, Run Through the Jungle was totally recognizable. I'd toss bills in their box for the entertainment.I'm glad I browsed around here and found this post. I've enjoyed my visit to your world, and I'm sure I'll be back........dhole

By Richard the 03/05/2014absinthe rating

Aefe, difficile enocre de s extraire de l oeuvre, allez j essaie Je vois une peinture, agre9able e0 regarder, dont les effets de pinceau donnent une impression ge9ne9rale de9forme9e, d un paysage re9aliste mais qui serait vue e0 travers une flaque d eau comme un reflet.Je vois une e9glise en place centrale, cette e9glise semble se trouver e0 la campagne, un parterre de pelouse et de fleurs se trouve e0 ses pieds. Je vois un chemin qui fait le tour de l e9glise et sur lequel semble se trouver une femme, qui, probablement se rend e0 l e9glise, j ai l impression qu elle est assez appreate9e pour quelqu un qui se trouve e0 la campagne, comme lorsque l on se plaeet e0 se rendre e0 la messe. Je vois e9galement des arbres sur le cf4te9 gauche de la toile et de manie8re juste sugge9re9e, en fond sur les cf4te9s de l e9glise, tre8s coupe9es, quelques maisons sugge8rent qu un village se cache derrie8re l e9glise.Le ciel est incroyable, fait de bleus et de noirs et l effet des nuages et rendus par des sortes de coups de pinceaux enroule9s que je trouve fascinants. Auvers sur Oise est un petit village tre8s charmant situe9 non loin de Paris, si vous n y eates jamais alle9s, n he9sitez pas e0 y faire un saut par beau temps, il n est pas impossible que vous tombiez sous le charme.[]

By Kristi Jean the 21/08/2013absinthe rating

I ordered this for an absinthe demonstration at the museum myself and a friend work at. I enjoyed the design and the audience loved it. As a plus, we seem to have helped dispel some negative myths surrounding Absinthe. I enjoyed my products so much that I just kept them!!

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