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Belle Epoque Classic Fountain - 4 spigots

199.00 €

  • Fountain - 4 spigots details:
  • Height under the spigots: 30 cm
  • Overall height: 51 cm
  • Taps: Stainless steel, no plastic
  • Reservoir capacity: 2 litres
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This absinthe fountain is a reproduction of an antique absinthe fountain from the end of the 19th century.

The most solid fountain being made today, it has been especially made to stand up to every day use in hotels and bars. Made out of glass and food-grade stainless steel. The Belle Epoque Classic fountain, also known as the Antique Premium, is simply and easily made to disassemble for cleaning or storage.

By a long way the finest quality fountain available,
essential equipment for the serious absinthe connoisseur.

How to use your absinthe fountain:

• First pour cool, fresh water into the reservoir. Then add large amounts of ice-cubes, or a block of ice. It is important to always add the water before the ice.
• Leave the fountain to cool down for a while.
• Pour a measure of absinthe into your favourite absinthe glass, and place it under a tap. Slowly turn the spigot until you get the right flow of water, something between a drip and a steady stream of water.
• Watch the louche of your absinthe develop as never before with a carafe. Enjoy!
• When you're finished with the fountain for the occasion, drain the fountain and leave it to overnight with the taps open to dry out.

Absinthe fountain tips:

• Before use, clean the fountain with warm water and domestic washing-up liquid, and rinse well. Be careful not to expose the fountain to sudden changes in water temperature.
• Never wash a cold fountain with warm water immediately after use, the glass reservoir could fracture because of the sudden temperature change.

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