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Toulouse-Lautrec Spoon


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  • Spoon details:
  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Family: Unclassifiable
  • Length: 178 mm
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absinthe rating Read the comments
The rare Toulouse Lautrec spoon, with a beautiful art nouveau design and the artists monogram at the tip. Stainless steel.

2 Customer Reviews:

By Eve the 04/05/2016absinthe rating

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By Elmira the 04/05/2016absinthe rating

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By Limon the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

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By Abdo the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

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By Aid the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

I'm a beginning Absinthe dnrekir, but I've tried several different kinds; Lucid, some French stuff (don't know the name, didn't see the bottle) and some that was smuggled into the States from the Czech Republic. The French variety tasted like the floor of a frat house and gave no high, the Czech absinthe tasted like essence of evil and got me high as John Glenn; Lucid was a nice midpoint. It actually tastes good (I don't like licorice by the way) and the mellow, philosophical high was friendly without being overpowering. I'm buying another bottle. A note; just doing a shot of Absinthe is pointless (except perhaps as a demonstration of your lack of taste buds). The sugar-and-water ritual is more than spectacle; the cold water allows the herbal essences to be released from the alcohol ( which as I understand it is one of the reasons why Absinthe is so strong out of the bottle). This results in both a much better flavor and the poetic high that made it so popular in the first place.Also; it isn't the thujone BY ITSELF that gets you high. It's the interaction of the distilled herbs (which are mild stimulants) and alcohol (which is a depressant). I believe it's referred to as a synergistic effect . Thujone is a stimulant, but so are some of the other ingredients. I preferred Lucid's flavor and effects over the stronger Czech stuff. Oh, and absinthe does not produce visual hallucinations, that's a myth. It does give mild aural trips, however; try knocking back three glasses and listening to Jimi Hendrix. :) Anyhow, I'd recommend Lucid to anyone interested in trying Absinthe. I'm currently trying to get the bar I work at to carry it.

By Stonekeep the 07/06/2013absinthe rating

I've used the spoon several times and it not only looks good but is very functional....worth the price.

By Fredrik in Sweden the 30/09/2011absinthe rating


Beautiful, easy to use. feels solid


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