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Absinthe Spoon Feuille II


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  • Feuille II details:
  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Family: Les Feuilles
  • Length: 166 mm
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The most famous of all absinthe spoons, with a design of intertwined wormwood leaves - Les Feuilles d'Absinthe. Chrome-plated brass.

4 Customer Reviews:

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By Agueztvierra the 19/10/2015absinthe rating

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By Sapna the 18/10/2015absinthe rating

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By Kristi Jean the 21/08/2013absinthe rating

I ordered this for an absinthe demonstration at the museum myself and a friend work at. I enjoyed the design and the audience loved it. As a plus, we seem to have helped dispel some negative myths surrounding Absinthe. I enjoyed my products so much that I just kept them!!

By Simon Morris the 19/08/2013absinthe rating

Sorry about being slack in getting back to you but may I say that I am very pleased with the way you have handled my orders - excellent service and great communication, especialy with the problem of my cracked glass.

Terrific mob to deal with.

Simon Morris.

By Big D in Fort Worth, Texas, USA the 23/06/2013absinthe rating

It's a nice spoon. It wasn't quite as polished as I had expected. It didn't fit the glasses I use as well as I had hoped. I had to tweak it a little, and that wasn't a small task. But, at this price, it's still a bargain.

By RBahia the 07/06/2013absinthe rating

Product arrived incredibly fast, even considering I'm on the other side of the ocean (Brazil) and the product quality is perfect. I've had already so many good times with it...! Highly recommended!!

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