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Absinthe Drippers

Absinthe Drippers - called "brouilleurs" in French - are an unusual but practical alternative to the better known perforated absinthe spoon. Designed to sit on top of the glass, they direct a steady fine stream of water into the absinthe, doing away with the difficulty of pouring directly from a carafe. They were historically particularly popular in New Orleans during the heyday of its absinthe culture in the early 1900's.


See-saw Drippers

The see saw dripper or brouilleur auto-verseur which means automatic pourer, must have been an incredible novelty, and indeed, it still is today! Instead of using an a ...

39.00 €

Glass Dripper

An alternative to the classic absinthe spoon with holes in was the absinthe brouilleur, literally 'mixer', and now sometimes called a dripper. This satisfyingly simple pi ...

12.00 €
Glass + Dripper

Reservoir Pontarlier Glass + Dripper

The Reservoir Pontarlier glass accompanied by a glass brouilleur or water dripper, hand-blown and hand-cut. A hand-blown glass brouilleur to fit the Pontarlier glasses ...

24.00 €