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Absinthe Carafes

Strictly speaking, these should be more correctly termed Water Carafes, rather than Absinthe Carafes, much the same as Absinthe Fountains. However, the advertising for absinthe brands found on vintage carafes inextricably links the two together. 

Some of our carafes which have been in continuous production for over half a century based on antique models, and others, such as more specialised absinthe carafes which have been especially commissioned by us, and were original designed for use preparing absinthe. The shining star among the absinthe carafes is the Dual Mouthed Carafe, Drip Carafe, or just Absinthe Carafe.


Absinthe carafes were always the most common way of preparing absinthe during the time absinthe was at its most popular in the late 19th century and during the first fifteen years of the 20th century. In fact, Absinthe fountains only appeared late in the history of absinthe, introduced by Cusenier, makers of Oxygénée absinthe, which was marketed as beneficial to the health! The fountains contained a filter in an attempt to purify the unsafe water of the time.